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Hold Your Breath, It Gets Better: Auto-asphyxia and the Rise of Dangerous Sexual Behavior


…And Vladimir Collects Ceramic Unicorns: A Boy’s Struggle to Gain Acceptance in a World of Hypermasculine Heteronormativity


Poof! What Do You Need? Poof! What Do You Need?: The Realities of Instant Gratification Without Appreciation


But Who Cares? No Big Deal, I Want More: Insatiable Teenage Consumerism in Modern America

The Little Mermaid

Did They Send Me Daughters When I Asked For Sons?: Discovering Feminine Strength in a Gender-Biased Society



Disney Dissertations started as a game, coming up with really pretentious and awful titles for college theses. We love writing and Disney movies. Hopefully you’ll all get a kick out of this.

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-Ashley & Joe